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Save Spotify to flac or mp3
- Posted: 2018-07-14.

Replace all symlinks by the original file
- Posted: 2018-03-02.

Enabling PulseAudio Equalizer for MPD in Ubuntu 16.10
- Posted: 2017-02-17.

Automate CPAN module installations
- Posted: 2016-12-06.

Recovery of corrupt XFS partition.
- Posted: 2016-05-10.

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  • Search String in multiple files (2011-06-05 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    The following program is a standard tool for me when searching existing code for specific snippets I need and know I have, just not where i have them... 


    Place the progr...

  • Install CPAN modules only if not yet present (2011-06-16 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    I needed a way to check if a certain CPAN module is present on the system/path, before installing the module again. This way I wanted to prevent that newer versions of mdoles were installed by an i...

  • Batch Workflow starting using the Galaxy API : Practical Example (2012-11-02 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    Galaxy is a very powerfull interface to the analysis of Next-Generation-Sequencing data. On the other hand, it has some drawbacks. On of the major ones is the inability (for now) to run workflows o...

  • Retrieve large batches of rows from mysql (2014-10-28 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    The following snippits are some approaches for rapid high performance fetching of vast amounts of rows from a mysql database. All of them should reduce the load on the mysql server and increase the...

  • Replace all symlinks by the original file (2018-03-02 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    This is a quick command to replace a folder with symlinks by the target files. The original files are not removed.